After all, I am a Woman

Good morning everyone, long time no see, I’m so privileged and so honored to be sharing this piece of article with you all, on this occasion of Women’s day.

I used to think that manners, values, intelligence is what matters, but with time I came to realize that gender also matters. I see men playing their double standards on women to pull them down because they can not see women being more successful than them.  A woman who speaks out their views is tagged as aggressive. Women are blamed for wearing revealing clothes when a man misbehaves with them, but what if she is covered from top to bottom and still man misbehaves with her? 

Girls in their teenage yrs are taught to be submissive and obedient. What are boys taught? To bully that obedient girl, to tease her, to gaze at her? 

Despite so much advancement, patriarchy still, is embedded in our mindset. We might not able to see through, but still, there are frustrating differences in the way men and women are treated. And still, our society is plagued with gendered double standards, where men are appreciated for behavior that women are criticized for ,practically everything.

Without a woman, a man is incomplete.

Without a woman, a family is incomplete.

Without a woman, this world is incomplete.

we must not forget that women are a beautiful creation of God! You are here because of a woman.

Women’s day is celebrated every year on 8th March, for showing appreciation, respect, and love towards women.

International Woman’s Day is all about cherishing a woman’s effort, acknowledging her worth and importance in our lives. 

With this, I want to conclude by hoping that, you, dear reader, will realize the worth of women, and always appreciate their efforts.

A woman is like a flowing river,

she suffers pain, with burdens on her shoulder,

still she is pure and bolder

~ zakira Siddiqui

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