Parent Expectations | Privacy concern in Adolescence

What is an expectation for you? From whom do you expect things? we expect the most from, who mean something to us. Right?
You can’t expect big things from people you don’t know. And here, under this blog, I will precisely talk about the expectations our parents have from us.
We all expect something or the other from our parents. And they do stand up to our expectations(and if not there must be some reason). We often times forget that they too expect something from us, many things, in fact. You will say good grades. Yes, it is. But what more??
This is extremely important to understand for everyone. As we hit puberty, we experience arousal of physical attraction towards the opposite gender. Feelings start growing inside us. And I guess this thing I don’t need to tell. We all have studied this in biology.
Our parents expect us to maintain a considerable distance between ourselves and the other people, may it be our friend, sibling, or teacher. And it is fair enough. You may not like it now, you may find your mom and dad irritable when they tell you to stay away or avoid someone. And whether we like it or not, we start to see our parents as individuals, with real compassion and worries and mistakes. But after 10-12 years when you will look back, you’ll realize how true they were. When you will be at their place, you will have the same concerns, the same protective attitude towards your child. They expect their daughter or son to limit their privacy, to not let anyone come close to them.
We don’t have an idea of how much our parents love us. If they are restricting you from talking to anyone, there must be a purpose behind it. They have seen the world which we are yet to see. It’s hard to imagine, our parents had experienced before us, but when you do you come to understand the reasons behind their behaviors. We just need to think from their point of view, might be there is a cause they react like that. Might be they still keep in mind some of your big mistakes that really hurt them, or anything which makes them angry for you. Anytime you act on something, just think about your parents. Will they be happy or upset by this action?

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