The Road to Inner Happiness

Allah SWT has granted us everything, the good and the bad, the correct way, and the incorrect way. It is upon us to decide which path we want to go.
The right path is a bit difficult, somehow unwanted, most of us will choose the wrong. The path full of flowers, nudity, nakedness, violence, exploitation. everyone will be blind here, they won’t be able to differentiate between what is halal and what is haram.

Allah says

They who believe and do not mix their belief with injustice

those will have security and they are (rightly) guided

What people find comfort in, are the things which are not good for them. They might be happy, but that’s short-term term happiness. Nothing in this world can make you happy from the core until and unless you are close to Allah SWT. right?
Okay. I’ll explain to you with an example:
take your mother as an example. She gave you birth, she brought you up like a princess. She does everything for you. To make you happy, to fulfill your needs.
Now suppose she went somewhere out for somedays. You will pass 1 day, 2 days,3 days, or 1 week. You have everything with you, a good mobile, tv, friends, good food but till when. How long these things will keep you happy? You won’t get happy from within until you get to meet your mother.
Allah SWT loves you even more than your mother. Allah SWT has put an emptiness inside us, that can be only filled by a turn back to him. We can only get true peace and happiness and get to know the reality of this life when we will put Allah SWT in the core of our hearts.
All your pain, sadness, suffering, misery will cease, your anger, irritability will cease. your perspective on life will completely change. When one expects nothing, everything they get is a source of pleasure. Then these small things like, who commented on your post, who liked your post, how many people followed you on Instagram how many unfollowed won’t matter anymore.
Humans beings are prone to forgetfulness and the constant remembrance of Allah. One of the best roads to tranquility is being contented with Allah. It is, understanding that no matter what happens to us, Allah’s plan is always the best, best for us, and knowing that we make life amazingly peaceful.

May Allah makes us all people of peace.

May Allah make us people who are calm in life and calm in death.

8 thoughts on “The Road to Inner Happiness

  1. You’ve got some really mature ideas here. Commenting on all three of the posts I just liked… I’d say that yes, we are often distracted but with God’s love and our cooperation, we can continue to get closer to the ideal. The other idea that popped into my mind is that possibly God gives us certain desires… like say, for a spouse.
    Keep up the great work. I always find it refreshing to find a young person who is beyond their years. 🙂

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