just tired of everything

I’m tired of the outside cosmos,
I’m tired of this pandemic,
I’m tired of being at home,
I’m tired of misery,
I’m tired of hearing everyday news of rape and sexual abuse,
I’m tired of intolerance,
I’m tired of hatred,
I’m tired of this inhumanity.

And top of all this, I’m tired of trying to change the world the way it is.
Are you happy with all this?
I know I am tired but I won’t stop praying, praying for the disease to stop, the inhumanity in humans to end, the hatred to end. I wish India to be a peaceful country. I will pray that people should look back and realize how thankful they should be rather than spreading hate , start spreading love.
Bow down, repent for the bad actions, apologize to god and I believe only then everything will go in the right way.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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